Google Maps For Android Updated With Shareable Directions Feature

In the previous versions of Google Maps for Android, you can share a specific location on the map. It made possible to easily share any number locations with your family and friends. But, the new update of Google Maps has brought a feature using which you can share directions with your friends. The Google Maps for Android has received an update to v9.3 which comes with Sharable directions feature. If you look up directions for a specific destination, you’ll notice a option Share Directions in the menu.

The feature creates a list of directions with a link which can be shared through any compatible application installed on your Android. It may be Facebook or Whatsapp, the link lets the receivers to see the same directions on their device. You can install the new update directly from the Google Maps app on your Android or side load the updated .apk file of Google Maps(Download Link available below) on your device.

Google maps for android updated

Download Google Maps For Android

File name:

Version: 9.3.0

Android version required: Minimum Android 4.3 and 4.3+

File size: 14.09 MB

Download: Google Maps

If you’ve already updated this feature on your app, do let us know your experience with it in the comments section.

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