How to unlock Bootloader of OnePlus Two

OnePlus Two, the flagship killer is out now. The craze to get OnePlus Two is still at peaks in market cause of invite system the company introduced. The device comes out of box with bootloader locked. So, to root it and to use it to full extent, you should unlock bootloader of OnePlus Two.

The unlocking process will void the manufacturer warranty and wipes the entire data on device. So, do follow the below prerequisites to safeguard your personal data and to ensure successful unlocking process.


Check Device Model Number

It is vital to check device model number before getting into unlocking/rooting/flashing process. The device model number should be OnePlus Two. If the device model number doesn’t match with mentioned one, do not attempt the tutorial.

Steps To Be Considered

  • Connect the device to PC using USB cable. If it displays any error message, your PC doesn’t have OnePlus drivers. So, continue to process after installing OnePlus USB drivers.
  • Enable USB debugging on the OnePlus Two which lets the device establish a stable connection with computer via USB. You can do it by following the below mentioned path. In latest versions of Android, the Enable Debugging option will be hidden in depth of settings category. You can follow our guide to enable USB debugging.
  • Rooting the device erase entire data on the device including internal SD card. So, make sure you create a backup of entire important data. If you are not familiar with Android backup process, you can refer our guide to Backup Android phone data.
  • Make sure the phone’s battery is at least 60% charged at the start up of tutorial. If battery runs off during unlocking process, it may turn your phone into brick. So, charge the device before tutorial.

Are you sure you completed all the above steps? Yes, you can now get started with the unlocking tutorial.

Guide to unlock Bootloader of OnePlus Two

Disclaimer: Rooting/Unlocking/Installing custom ROMs and Kernels are not official methods. So, neither device manufacturer nor Droid Word team is responsible if anything goes wrong with your device during the process. This article is only for educational purpose. You can continue with the tutorial at your own risk.

Unlock bootloader of OnePlus two

Steps to be followed

To unlock bootloader of OnePlus Two, ADB and Fastboot drivers are to be setup. You can do this by following below steps

  • Download ADB installer which is of size 9.1  MB.
  • Once downloaded, double click on it to run. It displays a command window with blue background.
  • Accept all the prompts of the Command prompt(To input YES, enter Y).
  • Once the installation completes the windows closes automatically with ADB and Fastboot setup throughout the system.

Now you can get started with unlocking process.Make sure you’ve done a secure backup of your data once again. If you are sure, follow the below steps

  • Connect the OnePlus Two to PC using an USB cable.
  • If you’ve connected it first time after enabling USB Debugging, select Always allow from this computer and click OK on the popup prompt.
  • Now turn off the device and hold Power+Volume Up buttons until fastboot screen is displayed.
  • In fastboot mode connect the device to PC using USB cable. If the PC installs any drivers, do not interrupt the process.
  • Now open any folder in PC and launch a command prompt window. This can be done by Holding shift and clicking right mouse displays a list of options. Select Open command window here. This launches a command window with location directed to unlock folder(ADB).
  • To check whether the ADB and fastboot drivers has detected the OnePlus Two, enter the following command in command prompt

fastboot devices

  • It displays your device serial number. If it fails to, do check whether the drivers are installed properly.
  • Once done with the above step enter the following command to unlock OnePlus Two

fastboot oem unlock

That’s it! The device bootloader gets unlocked and it boots up into a screen, use Volume buttons to navigate and choose using Power button. Now the device reboots automatically.

You’ve successfully unlocked bootloader of OnePlus Two. You can now install custom recovery and root OnePlus Two and do more with it.

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