How to Speed up Android phones and tablets

In the present world every user prefers a faster Android phone. Of course it depends on the hardware of the device. But there are some cases where we can speed up Android device by tweaking software settings as well. Yes, we are now going to speed up Android phones and tablets using Developer options of the device. You need not install any app, root it or install any custom firmware. It is all about setting up the animation scales on Android developer options. Follow the simple steps below do speed up Android.

Speed up Android Phones and Tablets

In Android developer options there are few settings using which we can adjust the animation and transitions of Android. By default the Developer Options are hidden in Settings. The options can be seen by accessing Settings>>About Phone>>TapĀ Build number 7 times. Now head over to Settings again, you can find Developer Options under System tab.

Launch Developer options and scroll down to find Windows animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animation duration scale.

These options lets us adjust the Android animation system like how long the transition should occur when an app is launched and animation duration while switching between two apps. You can adjust these preferences to speed up Android.

speed up android phone or tablet

How to configure Android Animations

Window Animation scale is something that controlsĀ the window animation time when we launch a new app or a popup occur in apps. For instance, set the window animation scale to 10x close the settings app and re-launch it. You can feel the change of window loading slowly the content in it. Now turn off the animation scale and re-launch it. It opens up so faster. Right? Thus, you can speed up the window launch time using this option.

Transition Animation scale controls the animation that should occur while loading the app window or while closing. For instance, set the transition animation scale to 10x and tap home button. You can see how long does the window takes to minimize completely. Now set it to off, it minimizes instantly. Thus we can adjust the window launch and closing transitions speed using this option.

Animation duration scale controls animation in apps. Changing the animation duration scale values between off and 10x may not show much effect on speed of launching and closing the apps. It plays an important role in displaying animations in apps. So, it would be good for us not to turn it off as apps without animations won’t be such effective.

So, have you set the animation scale values of your desire? Do you feel the difference?Does these steps speed up Android phone or tablet of your’s? Do let us know through the comments section.

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