How to take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Using Palm Swipe

Samsung’s new generation phablet, Galaxy Note 5 is out now. Samsung is pretty good at making available features more operable. In Galaxy Note 5, the Samsung has improved the screenshot capabilities. You can now save long screenshots for scroll-able pages on Note 5. This feature would be very handy in case you wish to share a long list or an entire page.

Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can be done in more than one way. You can follow our simple guide below to know them and to know how to take a scroll-able screenshot on Galaxy Note 5.

Different ways to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

There are three different ways through which you can take a screenshot on Note 5. They are:

  1. Using Power and Home buttons
  2. Using Palm Swipe gesture
  3. Using S-Pen

How to take screenshot using Power and Home buttons

This is standard way of taking a screenshot on Samsung devices. You can press the Power+Home buttons to save the present screen as an image. Follow the below steps do it:

  • Launch the Window/App/Web Page which you wish to save as an image.
  • Now Press and hold Home+Power buttons until you hear a chirp sound or animation on screen.
  • Once done, you can find the screenshot in your device Gallery¬†app.

That’s it! The next way is far easier than this. Do read it to know.

How to take screenshot using Palm Swipe Gesture

Samsung has recently introduced this feature which could be activated from the settings panel. If you wish to use this feature, activate it by following below steps:

  • Launch Settings app on Galaxy Note 5 and scroll down to find Motion menu.
  • In Motion menu, head over to Hand Motions and check Palm Swipe to capture.
  • Now you can use this feature on any screen of Note 5. You can launch the screen to be captured and follow single step below:

Keep your hand vertical on either side of screen just as you’re chopping the device. Now swipe your hand across the screen to other end as a photo scanner.

You’ll hear a chirp sound or an animation on the screen. That’s it. You can find the saved screenshot in your device Gallery.

how to take screenshot on samsung galaxy note 5

How to take screenshot using S-Pen

S-Pen is the stylus that comes only with Galaxy Note series. You can do a lot more with the S-Pen without touching the screen of Note 5. You can even take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 using S-Pen. You can follow below steps to do it:

  • Take out the S-Pen from Note 5 socket.
  • Once you pull it out or once you place the pointer on screen, the Note 5 displays an Air Command on screen with few options in it(Refer above image).
  • Now choose the Screen write option which instantly takes a screenshot of current screen.

That’s it! You can now take screenshot of any screen on Galaxy Note 5 using S-Pen.

How to take a Scroll-able Screenshot on Galaxy Note 5

To capture a scroll-able screenshot, do follow the below steps:

  • Launch the page you wish to take screenshot of.
  • Pull out the S-Pen to launch Air Command and tap on Screen write.
  • The screen displays an animation and captures single screenshot and displays few options.
  • In the bottom left-corner, tap Scroll Capture.
  • The screen will scroll to capture entire screen. You can choose to Capture More or Done to stop.

That’s it! You can now capture scroll-able pages on Galaxy Note 5 using S-Pen.

All the screenshots taken can be found in Screenshots album of your Device. You can use Gallery app to access them, edit, scribble and share them via social apps installed on your device.

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