How to recover deleted photos from Android phone/tablet

In today’s world of technology, we capture every happy moment as a photo with the handsets we carry. Among the handsets used mostly today, Android is the top one. We store all the snapped images on the device and share it with friends and loved ones.

There may be a case that you directly or indirectly involve in deleting all or few important pics on Android phone. Can you get back them easily. The answer is a big NO previously, but not now. You can now recover deleted photos from Android phone/tablet easily with a simple Android application. You need not even root your device to recover the deleted photos.

Recovering deleted photos from Android using Restore Image application

Restore Image is an free Android application available on Google Play store. You can restore all the images deleted hours, days or weeks ago easily without rooting the device. There is no format restriction for this application. We can restore photos of any format using Restore Image application.

how to recover deleted photos on Android device

Download Restore Image Application

Restore Image (Super Easy)
Restore Image (Super Easy)
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Steps to restore images using Restore Image(Super Easy) application

Step 1: Download and install the application from the above mentioned link.

Step 2: Launch the application from the app drawer. Select “Search the image you want to restore” option. It fetches all the images deleted from phone with their folder structure.

Step 3: Open the respective folder and choose the photos you wish to restore.

Step 4: After choosing the images, click restore images option to get back the photos.

Step 5: Once the restoration process is complete, you can view the restored images from the Restored images tab in app home screen.

That’s it. Your deleted photos are back now. Restore Image(Super Easy) application makes it very easier to get back memories on Android phone.

Further, you can also use DiskDigger Photo recovery application to restore the photos. If your device is rooted there is greater chance of restoring. But for non rooted devices, Restore Image(Super Easy) application is recommended one.

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